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Episode 10, Muharram 1445

Conversations on Birding & Appreciating Allah's Creation

In this episode of Islam & Earth in the last Jumah of Muharram, 1445,  Sr. Elle OumGhazi, a nature enthusiast and birder passionately shares insights from her experiences as a birder

From sharing about her own journey to birding, to the ways that birding and time in nature support well-being, Sr. Elle provides a wealth of insight into how these beautiful and intricate creations of Allah(swt) invite us to reflect and appreciate the natural world around us.
Sr. Elle also speaks about her own journey as a visibly Muslim and black birder brings opportunities for da'wah within this unique space as well as reflections on how Qur'anic verses and sunnah guide her journey as a birder.

She speaks about the impacts of human behaviours and climate change on bird habitat and population and how we can think about building more bird-friendly habits.

She also provides some ideas on how one can begin to start their own birding journey with recommendations on resources and approaches!
Sr. Elle OumGhazi is a Black/mixed-race bird watcher, nature photographer, single-momma to multiple amazing mini’s and general lover of the outdoors. With over two decades of birdwatching under her belt, Elle stands as a seasoned Senior Product Operations Director within a Public Health Agency by day and avid nature enthusiast by the weekend. Currently training as a Birding Audubon Trip Guide, Elle dives into the healing aspect of mindfulness and Nature Therapy through studying Allah’s creation within the natural world. 

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