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Episode 11, Safar 1445

Conversations on Living off the Grid, Quilting & Natural Dying

In this episode of Islam & Earth in the last Jumah of Safar, 1445,  Sr. Tenille Fatimah, a quilter, and natural dyer, takes us on a journey through her experiences of transitioning into living off the grid, and how it is connected to her own journey in Islam.
Sr. Tenille delves into how quilting, natural dying and living off the grid are so interrelated.  She speaks about her own journey into connecting artisanal practises of natural dying and farming are connected to Islamic traditions. 
She also explains her own journey of moving beyond the traumatic transatlantic slave and cotton growing experiences, to the artisanal practises that are more connected to the traditional practises within the African continent and what she has learned through her experiences.
Sr. Tenille reflects on how living off the grid has deepened her own understanding of Islamic traditions and connect to an understanding of how the Prophet(saw) and the first generations lived with complete tawakkul and how this has even enabled her to build deeper tawakkul and strengthen her salah.  She is even working on a compilation on the 40 hadith of off-grid living!
Finally, Sr. Tenille offers some practical advice on living more sustainably, and natural dying practises.

Sr. Tenille Fatimah is an avid quilter & natural dyer currently living between her off-grid homestead in rural GA and the Southwestern desert of Las Vegas. She is a mother of six and a die-hard Star Wars fan. You can find her on IG showcasing her quilts & dye experiments, as well as talking about the Blackest and greenest of things. 


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