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Episode 13, Rabi al-Akhar 1445

Environmentalists for Palestine

In this special LIVE recorded episode of Islam & Earth,  three guests: Nazish Qureshi (Muslim Climate Watch); Kadjahtou Balde (Faithfully Sustainable); and Tasnim Mellouli (Climate Justice Activist) join for a very critical conversation on climate justice and Palestinian justice issues.
These three guests provide deep insights on how the Palestinian genocide is deeply entrenched in a colonial occupation and how this has impacted Palestinian lands for decades.  They provide practical tips for how climate activists can educate themselves, how to take meaningful action and also how we, who are watching the atrocities of this genocide take place, can stay grounded and find ease through such difficult times.

Finally, as they share many different tips on how to engage and stand up against this genocide, they remind us of the importance of prayers at this time.

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Nazish Qureshi is a Muslim climate organizer and activist based in Washington, DC. She is the founder of Muslim Climate Watch, a Muslim-led climate justice organization. Muslim Climate Watch tracks and documents the devastating loss and damage from climate change and demands climate reparations, and aims to inspire climate action that is embedded in Islam and guided by the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).


Tasnim Mellouli is a higher education professional with a background of working on environmental issues and engaging the Muslim community in climate justice movements. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BS in Environmental Studies, and currently works at the university connecting students to research opportunities. She is passionate about connecting Islam to contemporary environmental justice issues and is interested in the interconnectedness of people and nature.


Kadjahtou Balde is the founder and Chief Steward Officer for Faithfully Sustainable which holds a vision for a future where Muslim-led initiatives are at the forefront of tackling every environmental crisis, promoting equitable and regenerative solutions that reflect Islamic principles of oneness, empathy, and justice.  Kadjahtou has managed economic development projects, for entrepreneurship development centers in the state of New York.


More info regarding the work of these guests can be found at:

Muslim Climate Watch:

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