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Episode 14, Rabi al-Akhar 1445

Gaza: Under Genocide & Ecocide

In this second Jumah of Rabi al- Akhar, as we pass 20 days of genocidal attack in Gaza, this podcast episode is a conversation with Abeer Butmeh, an environmental engineer who is in Palestine right now.

She shares what is happening right now in Gaza, what the immediate impacts are, what the projected long-term impacts will be on the land and the people of Gaza.  She shares some of the studies regarding previous attacks on Gaza and how this has caused infertility of the land, soils, and water. 

Sr. Abeer discusses what is needed from the international community right now and how environmental activists can engage in standing up against the genocide and ecocide that is happening in Gaza right now.

Sr. Abeer Butmeh is the Coordinator of Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network - Friends of Earth PalestineShe obtained her B.A. and Masters degree from Ber Zeit university specialising in water and environmental engineering. She has worked in this field since 2006. She leads through campaigning, coordination, communication and facilitation between deferent bodies. She has focussed in institutional development, monitoring and evaluation procedures, financial management, project management, and procurement procedures. She is a trainer in water, waste water and environmental issues.
She also is an active member in many Social and environmental networks at local and international levelShe has participated in local and international conferences related to water and environment, and in many environmental research studies locally. She has written and published on many platforms including Al-Jazeera, she has published in academic outlets through the University of Denver’s school of theology, and many other important climate change platforms.

More info regarding  Sr. Abeer's work  and PENGON's projects can be found at:
Facebook: Pengon-foe Palestine
Book chapter: "Blockade & Climate Change Vulnerability," see ch. 3


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