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Episode 7, Dhul Hijjah 1444

Perspectives on Climate Change Impacts & Sustainable Solutions in Somalia & E. Africa

In this episode of Islam & Earth in the second Jumah of Dhul Hijjah, 1444,  Br.  Hassan Mowlid Yasin speaks from his experiences on the ground in Somalia and East Africa, on the impacts of climate change and developing meaningful localized solutions and focussing on youth-centered climate activism.
Br. Hassan explains exactly how Somalia is being impacted directly when it comes to marine life, human life, biodiversity, sustainability, conflict, drought management, and why many of these issues are being overlooked in the mainstream discourse on climate change.
 Br. Hassan provides insight on how focussing on localized and youth-centered education and grassroots solutions is important, rather than looking at imported, foreign solutions.
Being involved in international tables and working groups on climate change, Br. Hassan discusses unique challenges as well as solutions that East African regions can offer in the climate change narrative.
Br. Hassan provides insights on how Islamic teachings are directly connected to the work they are doing on the ground.
Finally, Br. Hassan shares how the Islamic narrative brings hope and why he is hopeful about climate change solutions in Somalia.


Hassan Mowlid Yasin is from Somalia, and is professionally qualified in Public Health and Public Administration. He is also a Global Climate Change Teacher, Climate Security certified, Environmental Activist, Advocate for Climate Change Solutions, Humanitarian Worker, working towards achieving UN sustainable Development Goals & Working towards Youth and Women Empowerment. He is co-founder and Executive Director at Somali Greenpeace Association. He is the former Steering Committee and African Regional Facilitators for Children and Youth Major Group Of UN Environment Programme.


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